Agreement Has Been Reached En Francais

It has been almost four years since the peace agreement was reached. Much has been achieved thanks to the efforts of the Colombian government and the Colombian people. We have to welcome them. We must also clearly recognise that, given the ambitions of 2016, a number of provisions of the agreement are still insufficiently implemented. The peace agreement is a whole whose various components are inextricably linked. I will come back to four concrete questions. Another area where further progress is expected is the illegal plant substitution programme, which represents immense hope for thousands of families. It is essential that this programme receive the necessary resources, including to finance alternative productive projects that are a prerequisite for its long-term success. Particular attention should also be paid to the chapters of the agreement on ethnic and gender issues. Secondly, France wishes to recognize the efforts made in recent months to reintegrate veterans, despite the pandemic and the impact of confinement on productive projects. These efforts must be continued, with a focus on veterans residing outside the former territorial training and reintegration areas. It is also important to overcome the long-standing issue of access to land. Thirdly, the global system of truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition is a cornerstone of the peace agreement, as we have regularly stressed in this Council.

We hope that the review mission will contribute to the review of the implementation of the sanctions of the Special Court for Peace. We are prepared to give him that role if the Colombians ask for it. First, we deplore the continuing violence in Colombia. We condemn the many murders that have taken place in recent months, including those of children and adolescents, but also of veterans, civil society leaders and human rights defenders. No effort should be spared to put an end to it and bring those responsible to justice. As the Secretary-General`s report indicates, simple steps can be taken quickly. The Early Warning System of the Ombudsman`s Office needs to be better used. And the National Security Guarantees Commission should be encouraged to adopt public policies to dismantle criminal organizations. In the long term, it is essential to strengthen the state`s presence throughout the country, including in the most remote areas. COLOMBIA DECLARATION OF MS. SHERAZ GASRI, POLITICAL COORDINATOR TO THE PERMANENT REPRESENTATION OF THE FRANCE TO A SECURITY COUNCIL – OCTOBER 14, 2020 The peace process in Colombia is facing challenges that we are not unaware of.