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Benin Art Restitution.

In FAZ: Africa’s world heritage becomes private property: The outgoing Nigerian president has transferred all Benin bronzes to the royal family in Benin City. Now it becomes clear how misguided the hasty restitution by German museums was. A guest article.

Living African Art Treasures By David Norden

60X Living African Art Treasures By David Norden Dear  African Art Lovers, IN A HURRY ? The auction catalogue is ready on LiveAuctioneers : The live auction will take place on September 22nd, 2019 at 08:00 PM BELGIAN TIME or 11:00 AM Pacific Time. This is my first auction on LiveAuctioneers, and to reward my loyal clients I have put up some of my 60 very finest pieces; all lots will start at half my low estimates. Feel free… Read More »Living African Art Treasures By David Norden

African art 20 X and 14 Lobi’s

Hi , Today African masks are still among the most sought After African art items.  At Sotheby’s a Baulé mask of circular abstracted form realised €4m (£3.57m) hammer (€4.72m including premium), getting on for double the estimate. But don’t be afraid, with me you won’t have to pay millions, hundred of thousands, or even not tens of thousands, and I handle all expeditions in house and often the expeditions costs are waived. I just have put online a new auction.… Read More »African art 20 X and 14 Lobi’s

10 African masks

Hi , In my last post I told you the story about my interview with a rfi journalist, you can read it again here: If you have some spare funds available, see if something catch your eye in the Exclusive African Art Auction (Private Collection) with a lot of masks, ending Sunday April 14, 2019 . It has now started: To the auction If the button doesn’t work, please copy the following link into your browser ro see all… Read More »10 African masks

African Art Repatriation controversy interwiew with Rfi

African Art News A few days ago a Rfi journalist interviewed David Norden about an event that happened in a French auction, and she wanted to have his expert opinion about it. This is what she posted on Facebook : Rosie Collyer This story caught my attention as soon as it broke here in France. So, I was delighted to interview the real life “Indiana Jones”, Altho Bouli and African art dealer David Norden. Here’s what they told me:… Read More »African Art Repatriation controversy interwiew with Rfi

A Benin” Lovebird Masterpiece for Valentine’s Day ?

Also called ” bird of prophecy”-staff Africa | Brass Staff with bird figure. Edo people, Benin Kingdom. The bird perched with outstretched wings on the finials of this idiophone sounded on the occasions of Ugie Oro court festivals is usually called the “bird of prophecy” (ahianmwen-oro) Bird staffs serve as hand-held clappers during court rituals. They are played by striking the bird’s beak with a metal rod. These staffs symbolize the power of the king over natural and supernatural… Read More »A Benin” Lovebird Masterpiece for Valentine’s Day ?

African Art in Paris and Beyond

Dear , I would like to thank all those who visited me in Paris during the “Magie des formes” pop-up exhibition. Many of those objects are currently available in my private Catawiki auction, bringing together the best of cubist shapes and traditional expression. Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to add some fine African Art to your collection, or would like more details. Discover the Flip catalog: CATAWIKI PRIVATE SALE. See all lots: Happy… Read More »African Art in Paris and Beyond

Swahili Postcards a surprising exhibition from the Smithsonian

The Surprising History Of Old-Timey Swahili Postcards If you collect postcards and old illustrations about African Art you will enjoy the article below. David Norden. An exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Museum of African Art reveals the enlightening yet troubling stories behind these turn-of-the-century souvenirs. by Melody Schreiber Jun 10, 2018 4 minutes read Postcards from World on the Horizon: Swahili Arts Across the Indian Ocean, a new exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art. Source: Pearl Mak/NPR The… Read More »Swahili Postcards a surprising exhibition from the Smithsonian

Save The Date

Save The Date: Come to Paris for the 10th September 2018! I will come with my horses… Galerie SOL  11, Rue Guénégaud , 75006 – Paris. En Face de l’Hôtel des monnaies.   David Norden Sint Katelijnevest 27 B2000 Antwerpen. Belgium +32 3 227.35.40  

Wim Spruit African Art Collection.

Dear , I have a new auction going on, with 25 attractive lots coming from the the private collection of Wim Spruit( 1927-2016). He started collecting African Art in 1955 with his wife Willy. He had an ever changing collection, always buying, trading and selling. He was good friends with Harrie Heinemans and mentioned in his book ” The pleasure of Collecting African Art”, and became the “penning meester” of the Dutch Ethnographic association VVE ( Vrienden Vereniging Ethnographica ).… Read More »Wim Spruit African Art Collection.