How Is The Good Friday Agreement Affected By Brexit

The Irish government supported this proposal. [48] It was strongly rejected by the Democratic Unionist Party as a weakening of Northern Ireland`s place in the UK and is seen as the main reason why Theresa May`s withdrawal agreement was never approved by the British Parliament. [49] The British government had rejected the original proposal. Our analysis shows that it is not clear that Parliament has the cohesion or the obligation to do the hard work necessary to preserve the agreement. According to the UK Implementation Plan (July 2020), a system for controlling goods entering from Great Britain to Northern Ireland will require three types of electronic documents, as described in an eleven-page document. [97] As a result, people and goods are currently crossing the border without stopping. When Boris Johnson replaced May last July as prime minister, he pledged to review the Brexit deal. Last week, he agreed with EU heads of state and government to withdraw the backstop and replace it with a revised protocol for Northern Ireland4, which will come into force at the end of the transition period (currently scheduled for 31 December 2020). Northern Ireland will remain on UK customs territory and VAT territory, but will be in line with EU rules in these areas. It will also remain largely in line with EU product rules. Four years after the end of the transition, the Northern Ireland Assembly will vote on the continuation of these agreements.5 With the exception of the approval mechanism, the protocol is similar to the one originally proposed by the EU and rejected by Theresa May only in Northern Ireland. The US could accept any Brexit deal from Britain and the EU, with the exception of any deal.

In an ideal world, the U.S. government would have facilitated dialogue between the parties, as it has in the past; It would, for example, have helped to negotiate an acceptable variant of a backstop since then in Northern Ireland or to support efforts to restore the de decentralised government. At this point, the administration`s interventions that defend a party to their advantage are considered troublesome rather than useful. But at least it should refrain from advocating a Brexit without a disastrous deal that the BRITISH government`s contingency plans 33 show would have far-reaching negative consequences, including for the long-standing US interest in a peaceful and prosperous Northern Ireland. Chairman Keating, a member of the Kinzinger Rankings, prominent members of the subcommittee, thank you for inviting you to discuss the importance of protecting the Good Friday agreement against Brexit. Although Northern Ireland was rarely discussed during the 2016 Brexit referendum campaign, the challenge of tackling the region`s unique status has become the main obstacle to the UK`s permanent exit from the European Union (EU).