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Leveraging an SEO strategy

Leveraging an SEO strategy can get your business noticed by the most important members of your audience, such as search engine algorithm analysts, content editors and brand buyers.

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Building a profitable social media presence

Social media is arguably the most important, influential and profitable form of publicity.

But with social media, you do not merely run the risk of simply creating more content you also run the risk of becoming more irrelevant.

Here are four reasons why you should be building a social media presence right now, on behalf of your brand:

You can monetize your social media presence

Social media is becoming the dominant way that people talk and interact with brands and product creators. With its accessibility, scale and flexibility, social media provides countless ways for brands to market and connect with consumers.

The revenue potential is now clear and it’s just a matter of creating your strategy and putting your hard work into action.

With mobile adoption rapidly rising, reaching consumers in ways that matter to them has never been easier.

Businesses can already see strong returns from using social media as a tool to create excitement about a product or service. Now it’s up to you to figure out what to focus on.

If you aren’t posting frequently, you aren’t reaching anyone

Just like every other person, you have a limited time and people do not tweet for the same reason that they do not order their lunch on Facebook.

People tweet for one of three reasons to express dissatisfaction, to communicate, and to read updates, tips, news and views from their friends. When you spend your time sharing, tweeting and replying to your followers’ tweets, you’re spending that precious time that you would spend writing to yourself. It’s a classic, but nonetheless effective, self-promotional technique.

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