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Now in auction: Find rare and special tribal art from pre 1930 on Catawiki


Now in auction: Find rare and special tribal art from pre 1930 on Catawiki

Visit the Prestige Ethnographic & Tribal Art Auction on Catawiki

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Looking for special and rare Ethnographic and Tribal art items? Visit Catawiki and discover this special themed auction packed with exciting collectables coming from famous galleries and private collections across Europe. The auction focuses on a selection of items dated until the first third of 20th century and follow Sweepstakes Laws to choose the winners of the auction. All lots come with a prestigious provenance. Tribal art collectors know the difficulty to find pre-colonial and early 20th century items. Generally most of them are in museums, private foundations, and large worldwide collections. It is a rare opportunity to purchase items like these which date back to this period. The auction will end on Sunday 25th of February, so bid now, before time runs out! You can also buy art pieces and home décor online with a coupon from

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Let’s present the participating galleries and their special objects

Sakalava bird – Madagascar

Dated: Late 19th century, early 20th century

Statue of a wild cnobble goose in erroded wood, 71 cm

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Offered for auctioning by Esprit de l’Art. The gallery is based in Antwerp and exists more than 25 years. They are specialised in Chinese archaeology, from the Neolithic period (2000 BC) up until the Ming Dynasty (14th-17th century), as well as tribal art from Madagascar and Africa.

The owners, Bruno Laurent and Lut Decleer, have been visiting China and Africa for many years.

During this time they have forged an invaluable network of local contacts and are able to provide high quality objects.

Ceremonial axe from the Luba-Shankadi people of DR Congo

Dated: early 20th century, before 1930

Wood and metal, copper blade. Glossy layered patina, 40cm (42 cm with the included metal stand)

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Offered for auctioning by David Norden.

He is a third generation of antique dealers, dealing in African Art in Antwerp since 1992.

His father was Herman Norden a dealer in African Art and antiquities. During the 1950s and 60s his grandfather Israel Norden was dealing in Antiquities in the Netherlands, where he had 5 shops with different specialties, one of them only with Egyptology.

His mother Nadya Levi is a sculptor who always collected African Art.

A very fine male ancestor figure (blolo bian) – Baule tribe – Ivory Coast

Dated: periode 1930 – 1940

Magnificent patina, 49cm without stand

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Offered for auctioning by Marc Van Engeland.

He’s a Belgian collector who often frequents the galleries of the Sablon in Brussels.

In this themed auction he offers a selection of ritual figures.

Most acquired from known and famous galleries in Brussels.

Female figure – Tawba – D.R.C

Dated: end of 19th century

Their main symbol is the moon, and the phases of the moon reflects their religious thought of Tabwa life, 39 cm with stand

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Offered for auctioning by Kongo Arts Gallery. The gallery was founded in 2016 by

Gatien Lokosa after Joseph-Hans (Jo) Christiaens, a Belgian dealer, offered his collection. The objects presented in the French gallery mainly come from Zaire, Sudan and West-Africa.

Large ancient pendant – Ashanti, Ghana

Dated: 19th century

Solid gold (20-22 karat), 6 cm of diameter

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Offered for auctioning by Monde d’Hiers. The gallery was founded by Yvan Guerrin and is based in the Brussels districts. In this auction he mainly offers a selection of items from Dejonghe’s collection. Mr. Dejonghe is a Belgian collector know in the world of tribal art. He often frequented the galleries of the Sablon in Brussels, which particularly are specialized in masks of all sizes.

These and many other exceptional lots are now open for bidding. Have a look and place your bids!

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