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The Curator’s Eye Presents an Ethnographic Jewelry Auction (November 30th 2016)

The Curator’s Eye Presents an Ethnographic Jewelry Auction (November 30th)


Boston, Massachusetts – November 1, 2016 – The Curator’s Eye (TCE) has announced their next virtual live auction which will be held on November 30th. This will be The Curator’s Eye’s third virtual auction, presenting an impressive catalog of jewelry from Ancient and Ethnographic history. This auction is a continuation of TCE’s move into virtual art auctions, where they are creating a new model in a tradition-bound industry. In this new model, TCE provides dealers with the ability to reach a worldwide audience, previously only available through larger auction houses. Dealers have become the seller and are in direct contact with buyers. Buyers can bid with confidence, as this auction is being sponsored by dealers with very high standards for integrity and art.

With no buyer’s premium (0%) and low starting bids and low reserves, this is an excellent opportunity for buyers to obtain exceptional pieces of jewelry, as well as take home a piece of history.

Live bidding will be available at as well as  and .

On November 30th, the auction will feature a fine selection of jewelry, including Pre-Columbian necklaces and Ethnographic beadwork from the Naga people of South East Asia.

Register to bid now at The Curators Eye

Many Items are offered at No Reserve. Selected highlights include:

Ethnographic Jewelry

Konyak Naga Chief’s Blue Padre Bead Necklace


19th Century. High value blue padre beads, are still valued in northern areas of the Naga Hills. The piece is 17 inches long and has 5 strands of large beads.

This piece was made by the Nagas and used by them in their actual ceremonies and not made for tourists.

Ao Naga Wealthy Woman’s Necklace


20th Century. The piece has 5 strands of Carnelian beads, 37 brass bells, 7 chank shells as the decorative enclosure and is 20 inches long.


Authenic Rare Konyak Naga Chief’s Wife Beaded Body Cloth


Authentic rare Konyak Naga chief’s wife beaded body cloth. The piece has a small repair made by the wearer a long time ago.

Rare textile limited to Konyak ang’s (chief’s) wife. With extensive beadwork along length of textile on top and bottom.
The piece is 36 inches wide and 72 inches long, and is in excellent condition for its use and age which is the early to mid 19th century.

Pre-Columbian Jaguar Gold Bell

The quality of this pre-Columbian gold piece is exceptionally fine, especially considering it was cast in wax around 1,000 years ago using the lost wax technique.

The quality of this pre-Columbian gold piece is exceptionally fine, especially considering it was cast in wax around 1,000 years ago using the lost wax technique.

Ring the bell and feel the quality of gold.

Pre-columbian Aztec Flint Flower and Tip Necklace


This necklace is elegance at its finest, combining ancient Aztec flint with precious metals that accent each unique flint piece.

Modern design makes this ancient treasure accessible.

Natural Rock Crystal with Tumbaga Pre-Columbian Tairona Bird Pendant


Natural rock crystal tubular bead necklace with Tairona Precolumbian Tumbaga bird gold pendant.

Colombia 800 – 1500 AD

The Curator’s Eye

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