Union Agreement Termination

Getting kicked out of union work should not be taken lightly. According to the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA), union employees can only be dismissed for a “just cause.” Acts such as theft from the company, sexual harassment of employees or means of exploitation during drunkenness can only induce an employer to dismiss a union or union employee. However, any disciplinary action should be conducted in a fair, impartial manner and in accordance with the law and written disciplinary procedures. There are certain rights that workers are trying to create under the Labour Relations Act. If the union receives 40% of the support of the bargaining unit, it will file its application for certification with the Board of Directors. If the share of assistance is between 40% and 55%, the Board of Directors will order that a vote between the workers be held within five working days to determine whether the union is certified. In addition, board officers can give instructions for a vote and voting procedures to ensure the neutrality of the voting process. Once the union has been officially certified by the board of directors, it can begin to negotiate contracts with the employer, called collective agreements. After workers have chosen to negotiate a union, the employer and the union must meet at appropriate times to negotiate wages, hours, holidays, insurance, safety practices and other mandatory matters in good faith.

Some management decisions, such as outsourcing, relocations and other company changes, may not be mandatory bargaining partners, but the employer must negotiate the impact of the decision on the unit`s employees. Dismissal of a staff member without cause is only an unlawful dismissal. For example, superiors cannot dismiss employees for subordination because they have refused to work in a factory until serious OSHA security breaches have been corrected. Being fired because he reprimands the sexual openings of a superior is another type of illegitimate dismissal. Similarly, an employee cannot be fired or forced to resign because an officer discriminates 20/ You can charge the EEOC or your state`s human rights department with improper termination if you find that the reason for your dismissal was discriminatory.