Uva Nova Transfer Agreement

Registered and accredited transfer students may defer admission for a consecutive upcoming semester, falling in the spring or spring. Contact the admissions service no later than the first day of the semester during which you have been allowed to request a postponement to the next semester. Transferring to Mason via the GAA is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Getting an associate transfer degree before enrolling in university allows you to: Yes. You are not eligible for GAA accreditation if you have been suspended or licensed from a higher education institution or university. Mason will review these requests for periodic transfer authorization on a case-by-case basis. NOTE: The university welcomes the academic actions of other institutions and does not welcome students who are actively suspended or licensed. Mary Washington University welcomes two-year candidates to Virginia colleges. In the fall of 2020, 60% of our transfer students came from 19 VCCS and Richard Bland College agencies. Many have used the guaranteed admissions contract (pdf) to streamline the admission process. What are the benefits of GAA`s regular transfer authorization? No no.

When applying for a transfer, you must choose a school. You cannot apply for these schools and use the GAA for other schools at the same time. We tend to allow 35-40% of transfer applicants who apply for a UVA launch in the fall. Applicants who meet all the conditions of the guaranteed admission contract and who choose this option on the transfer application are considered for admission as GAA approval. All other transfer applicants are considered for regular transfer approval. If you do not meet the GAA`s certification requirements, do not apply for GAA approval for your transfer application. Yes, if you hope to come as part of one of the three agreements, all your courses must be completed before the spring semester before the fall registration. In August or December, graduates are only considered for spring admission. We advise you to plan your EARLY collaborator`s studies and if you need extra time, take summer classes the year before they are transferred, so you can graduate in May and register for the fall semester at Mason. In 2011, she joined George Mason University to earn a bachelor`s degree in nursing. Find out what impact the government`s transfer policy can have on you and find a link to the Liberal Education Guide Program. The goal of our GAA is to offer you a clear path to success as a transfer.

Just as admission requirements vary between Virginia universities, including the GAA. We establish the required degree, cumulative minimum GPA and three specific courses that must be followed with C grades or better in our GAA. We also require that applicants from a previous course or institution that served in the admission exam earn no less than a C, which has not been repeated and has been replaced by grades A, B or C. See how to transfer Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, College Level Examination Program and Cambridge International Exams.