Visa Commercial Entity Agreement

8. Limitation of liability.8.1. Disclaimer. This commercial entity agreement and all addendums is an agreement for services and, unless expressly provided for in the agreement on commercial enterprises, acquire and their respective subsidiaries refuse any explicit or implied guarantee or guarantee made to the customer or any other person, including, but not only, to any guarantee of quality, the suitability , market equity, suitability for a particular purpose, non-violation or any other activity (regardless of any activity, custom use or use of trade) of services or goods provided in addition to the services provided under this contract.8.2. Excluding consecutive damages. Under no circumstances are the purchasers or their respective associated companies held responsible for a theory of the unlawful act, strict liability or other legal theory for loss of earnings, loss, exemplary, punitive, individual, random, indirect or subsequent harm, which are excluded by agreement of the parties, whether such damages have been foreseeable or that a party or company has been informed of the possibility of such damage.83 Limiting the liability of the purchaser. The maximum liability of the purchaser to the client in respect of or from the purpose of this contract or any addendum for any claim in the aggregate does not exceed US$50,000 (limitation of liability), regardless of the form of the lawsuit or legal theory. The limitation of liability applies independently of other provisions of this business unit agreement or addendum and also applies to the liability of the acquirers or associated companies. This Agreement will enter into effect on the date you accept this Agreement (by electronic adoption or by any other means) and will continue as long as you use the ShootProof service or until you are terminated by you or a member. This agreement automatically terminates the termination or expiry of your seller`s contract, provided that the conditions which, by their nature, are intended to survive termination (including compensation commitments and liability limitations) are maintained. This contract may be terminated by the Member at any time, on the basis (i) of your violation of a non-compliance situation, the agreement, condition or agreement included in this contract or the sales contract; (ii) improper transactions on your part, excessive back-transfers or any other circumstance that, at the member`s discretion, may increase the member`s commitment, cause your reimbursement or, by other means, an undue financial, reputational or legal risk to the member; (iii) any proceeding or other proceeding is initiated by or against you in a competent jurisdiction that requires an exemption under the Bankruptcy Act, or by any other law, domestic or foreign, relating to bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, liquidation or adjustment of debts, appointment of a director, liquidator , a director, director or other laws, domestic or foreign, relating to bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, liquidation or adjustment of debts, appointment of a judicial administrator, director, director or other of your assets. , at home or abroad, and the case or proceedings continue indefinitely or unexpectedly for a period of 60 consecutive days, or an order to grant the exemption or procedure sought in this case (including, but not limited to, an application for exemption under the Bankruptcy Act); (iv) any card organization informs the member that they are no longer willing to accept your transaction data, or requires the member to terminate or limit the agreement; (v) you or anyone who owns or controls your business is listed in one or more databases of licensed or high-risk merchants managed by card organizations; (vi) you are engaged in conduct that could cause harm or loss to the value of a card organization, member or shootproof, or that could, by other means, result in an unreasonable risk of damage to a