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Dear $email, Friends, Collectors, and African Art Enthusiasts,


The 2017 Auction of Important African Art!

begins tomorrow morningat 9 am (PST) and ends Sunday at 2 pm (PST) at

It takes 2 minutes to register for free on the site and you are then able to bid!

117 outstanding objects are being placed at auction with no reserve and no buyer’s premium.

Winners who spend over $5000 receive free shipping worldwide (with a few exceptions

for which discounted shipping is provided).

A comprehensive dossier with certificate of authenticity will accompany each piece and

a certificate of authenticity from prior owners, existing old documents or

private African art collections in the world.
All of this detail is listed for the buyer in each individual dossier.
Custom-made bases and certificates of authenticity with complete dossiers are included

with every object and orders will be filled promptly, smoothly, and with no drama.
23 great Congolese pieces
40 superb masks
70 wonderful figures and other objects

11 Kpellie masks from Parcours Paris exhibition, nearly all published in Kpellie catalogue included for free with purchase

No credit card information required
No buyer’s premium 0%
And there is no “hidden” reserve.

Starting bid can win the piece, many starting bids at under $1500 usd for pieces valued over $5000 usd
Free shipping for individual or group item purchases over $5000 worldwide

Thanks and best,

Andrew J. Berz
Berz Gallery of African Art

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