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WAN and Network Applications

SD WAN is a pivotal digital transformation enabler and is driving strategic decisions across the enterprise. That’s because WAN enables the end to end connectivity of data, applications, and services. So we’re taking the next step in a long journey to achieve a data center of the future that provides greater resilience, scalability, and stability. And this is how we’ll deliver on our promise of accelerated growth, faster technology, and reduced cost. The 10 GHz product line is already in production and, from your perspective, could be available by the end of the calendar year. We are ready to start marketing this product now and will be on air with Scott on the 1/1/17. Here’s a little look at how we are adapting to your needs. While still only a tiny fraction of WAN connectivity (a fraction that requires these DWDM products) our WAN solutions are a key pillar to our competitive advantage, and you can learn more about this with our WAN definitions online. Our customers have a direct tie to what we will do with this product line.

Transmission and security. Transmitters make WAN communication possible and secure. By integrating high performance storage, power management, RF technologies, and IP based security, we are enabling customers to reduce infrastructure costs and achieve security level in the next generation of WAN and datacenters. Now, if you remember, last year we introduced WAN on Demand and we saw strong demand for this capability by many of our customers. You can look forward to the ability to deploy and lease our DWDM to deploy additional WAN on demand. Additionally, we’re looking at technologies like DC, SPDY, and DNS for enhanced network functionality.

Non-VDOT applications. With the added capability of multi-gigabit Ethernet, non-VDOT applications are the next growth area. With the introduction of the 10 Gbps product line, we’ve begun talking about several new non-VDOT applications, which include heterogeneous computing, big data analytics, application sharing, and virtualization. Again, our partners will be a critical source of our customers’ insight into how the products will work with their applications. This will enable them to confidently provide guidance and services to their customers. Our 10 Gbps products enable far more than just up-and-comers. Our products will benefit their enterprise customers, have broad appeal to end users, and deliver a vast array of different applications and industries.

Energy efficiency. We are pleased to announce the latest innovation in data center power management. In a couple of months, in partnership with Advanced Micro Devices, we’re going to begin building a second generation of our micro channel power management technology (MCMP). This solution addresses a new role for the power architecture in data centers and for distributed systems; now that networks are capable of routing data through multiple multiplexed power distribution (PD) servers, we can exploit both the higher throughput and lower latency delivered by these multiplexed networks. MCMP is more flexible and efficient than any other power-managing technology currently on the market. It allows engineers and others to deploy a variety of routing options based on where the grid is and what the customer needs to do to support more efficient route selection. With MCMP, our customers can accelerate their use of data and digital services with lower power consumption and improved performance.

The applications you select will be critical to the success of your future WAN. It’s up to you to choose what applications are critical to your organization. Each product represents a choice and opportunity for your organization.

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